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1: How to print my ticket?
There are three ways you can print your tickets.
1. From the link in the confirmation email.
2. Login to Login and you will find My Account Section there. There your transaction history is available with option to print your ticket.
3. Go to TraceTkt and provide your booking code and booking email to trace that ticket and print it.
2: How to change my booking Date?
1: Visit your My Account section at Login.
2: Browse to my bookings.
3: Click on change date button on respective booking.
4: It will redirect you to change session page and give you option to change date and time.
5: Change to your desired session.
6: Re-Print the ticket from the booking list.
3: How do you submit discounts or promotional offers?
1: Discounts and promotional offers are specific to codes available. Keep your discount/ promo code handy while booking.
2: At time of booking there is a section to submit your promo code at the end.
3: Submit your discount code here. 'Click To Apply'.
4: Click 'Continue to Purchase' and your total at checkout will reflect the discount.
4: What if my ticket is Pending?
1: Go to My Account section at Login.
2: Browse to my bookings.
3: Click on 'Cancel Booking'.
4: Start a new booking.
System will auto cancel ticket after 30 minutes.
5: I didn’t receive a verification email.
1: Check your junk or spam mailbox.
2: If no receipt, Click on the forgot password to reset your password & activate your account.
3: Follow instructions in verification email.